Little Grassbird

The Little Grassbird (Megalurus gramineus) is a small grey-brown bird, heavily streaked dark on upperparts and finely darker streaked on underparts. It has a wide pale eyebrow and a longish pointed tail with no pale bars or tips, which is often carried slightly cocked. The sexes are similar,

It frequents wetlands, cumbungi, reeds and rushes.

The little grassbird is very shy and skulking, more often heard by its mournful three note whistle, than seen. It keeps much to cover only momentarily sneaking to bush top to view intruder or to call. It feeds on insects and small animal life.

It breeds from August to December, or after rain in inland areas. The nest is a deep cup of grass and stems lined with feathers, in the reeds, rank grass or low shrub. There are 3 to 5 eggs. (Contributed by Jo G.)