Grey Teal

The Grey Teal (Anas gracilis) is the most widespread of Australian waterfowl, seen on almost any water. It is a dabbling duck feeding on aquatic and waterside vegetation, aquatic insects and mussels, shrimps and minute crustaceans.

It is a slender duck which is mottled grey-brown in colour with a distinct whitish throat and area around the base of the bill. The sexes are similar. In flight, note the narrow white wedge on the upperwing and also the narrow, white area on the underwing in the 'armpit'.

Teals are highly nomadic and mobile according to water conditions and rainfall. They breed from July to December, but almost anytime if conditions are suitable. The nest in hollow tress, among reeds, or on the ground underneath rocks or logs. There are 6 to 9 eggs, usually covered with down.

Grey teals occasionally crossbreed with Chestnut Teals and Pacific Black Ducks. (Contributed by Jo G.)