Australian Wood Duck

The Australian Wood Duck (Chenonetta jubata) is a perching duck and is more often found on the ground or perched in trees than on water. The male is a large, handsome pale grey bird with a chocolate brown head and neck, short black mane (hence often called the maned goose) and two black stripes along the back. The female has a paler gingery-brown neck and beautiful mottled brown and white breast. She has dark eye line bordered paler above and below.

Wood Ducks walk easily and its short bill, longish neck and legs give it the look of a small fine goose.

They feed on young green grass and herbage - water couch, rye grass, wallaby grass, sedges and clovers. They also will invade crops of wheat, lucerne and rice, but does also eat insects and small invertebrates.

Wood ducks breed from September to November. Their nest consists of down in a hollow of a living tree, sometimes near water, but often far from it. There are 9 to 12 eggs. Both parents care for the young. (Contributed by Jo G.)