Australian Spotted Crake

The Australian spotted crake (Porzana fluminea) is a small olive-brown bird mottled with black and speckled with white. The underparts are a deep blue-grey from face to belly. The flanks are barred with black and white and the undertail coverts are pure white. The eye is a deep red, with a strong wide green bill and the base of the upper mandible is orange-red. It has long legs which are olive green/gray.

The Australian spotted crake forages under cover on swamp margins for molluscs, insects and tender aquatic plants. It wades, swims and walks on floating vegetation. It is noted for its constant tail flicking. It flies with trailing legs.

Breeding is during August to February having a shallow open cup or saucer shaped nest of leaves and stems of aquatic plants in shallow swamp water or not far from the water's edge. There are 4 or 5 eggs. (Contributed by Jo G.)